Hotel Ancient Village - Polonnaruwa


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Hotel Ancient Village

From the great views, to the luxurious rooms, the hospitality and service Hotel Ancient Village is everything you've ever wanted on a great vacation in Polonnaruwa.

You are closer to The one of the greatest historical monuments world has ever scene, Ancient City of Polonnaruwa – and certainly proudest – collection of ancient architecture and engineering feats, with the famed Royal Palace, Vatadage, Audience Hall, Nissankamalla Palace, Lankatilaka Viharaya, Hetadage, Gal Viharaya and Parakrama Samudraya(Lake of Parakrama Samudra) - its innovative examples.

Just outside are the city's sightseeing, business and shopping districts. Bus station, Train station and shopping centers are conveniently sitauted to our luxury establishment. We are only 50m from Lake Parakrama and 500m from Ancient ruins.

For an exceptional holiday, business meeting or social get-together, and innovative food and beverage venues the likes of which have never before been seen in Sri Lanka – look up, and come in.